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June 2021 Options Trading Monthly Report

After a relatively volatile month of May, in June, I decided to scale back and wait for the market to pull back because some indicators were showing potential signs of market weakness. How wrong I was. The market kept going up and I missed some upside opportunities by being on the sideline. Not only that, […]

The Reasons I Closed Down Trading Room Service

As some of you might have noticed that I decided to close down the Trading Room service last month and stopped accepting new members (image below). While I enjoyed sharing my trades and watchlists with the members, it became apparent that running such a service could really hinder my ability to focus on trading. I […]

Options Trading Monthly Report May 2021

The month of May was relatively volatile. The market dipped twice and VIX spiked twice at the beginning of the month largely due to inflation fear. My account was affected significantly as well and saw substantial dips similar to the broader market. Even though I try to diversify, I generally don’t pass over a good […]

What To Do When Stocks Go Down? Hint: Watch VIX

After the recent minor market corrections largely due to inflation fear, I have seen so many people discussing and asking what they should do with their losing positions on various online forums. I feel for them because I used to be one of them. This doesn’t mean I don’t hesitate any more and just close […]

Trading Room Updates 5/22/2021

Updates The Wheel Strategy Positions The Excel file updated Comment has been added

Options Trading Monthly Report April 2021

As I mentioned in the last monthly report, I will start sharing a non-margin account since a lot of people trade a much smaller account compared to the one that I have been sharing. This will allow me to share some of the challenges that I face when trading a smaller account, as well as […]

Trading Room Updates 5/13/2021

Updates Watchlist Added a new stock (5/7) A new potential stock video added A video about the process to find low priced stocks with high IV added Comments function enabled – now we are able to discuss directly on the page. The Wheel Strategy Positions Comments function enabled – now we are able to discuss […]

How To Manage Losing Trades For The Wheel Strategy? – Video

Discuss how to manage losing trades for the Wheel Strategy based on two different scenarios. When a stock is undervalued Trading based on Implied Volatility (IV) TAK and CVM were given as an example for each scenario. Video Notes Define When You Plan to Get Out Price / Time Frame Technical Analysis / Fundamental Analysis […]

Trading Room Updates 4/29/2021

The Wheel Strategy Watchlist and the Wheel Strategy Positions Excel file are updated.

Options Trading Monthly Report March 2021

It has been almost one year since I decided to post the first options trading monthly report. My initial thought was to do this for one year to see how much I could improve my trading by sharing some aspects of my options trade results publically. To my surprise, it actually helped me tremendously, and […]

CBAT Wheel Strategy Trades Follow UP Video | 3/25/2021

Published the CBAT Wheel strategy trading idea back in December 2020. Opened $5 strike and $2.5 strike Short Put positions continuously since then. Got assigned once but managed to get out when the stock price recovered. PNL for the trades since December 2020 has been positive. Still have several open positions with April and May […]

AEZS | A Stock For The Wheel Strategy

Why AEZS could be a Good Stock for the Wheel Strategy It raised money ($30 M) recently: Likely won’t run out of money soon or doing another round of equity offering to dilute the equity value. This means the stock price will likely remain stable for a while. Some positive announcements: European partnership, Reestablishing a […]