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Options Trading Monthly Report June 2020

As I mentioned in the last month’s report, I had some open Straddle, Vertical positions that I was pretty sure would be losers. Those positions were closed in June and really dragged down the overall PNL. On the bright side, shorting Single Put strategy has been consistent for the most part. One mistake I made […]

Options Trading Monthly Report May 2020

It’s time to report my options trading for May 2020. May 2020 was a pretty exciting month overall. Even though I finished the month with a positive PNL, there are a few open positions that are deeply negative. I opened some straddle options that I don’t normally do expecting the market to stay put for […]

Options Trading Monthly Report April 2020

I know this is a cliche and probably a lot of people are already doing this but I have decided to share my monthly options trading results for a year. I am hoping that this will make me a more disciplined trader now that the public can see and critic what I am doing. I […]

Options Trading Ideas – 4.12.2020

A couple of options trading ideas for the upcoming week. As always, I wrote these ideas for my own record-keeping to summarize my thinking and as a way to communicate with other options traders to exchange information. It is not financial advice or solicitation. Please do your own due diligence if you do decide to […]

Options Trading Ideas – 4.1.2020

VIX is very high right now and trading VXX and UVXY alone seem to be a pretty dangerous thing to do (at least from my own perspective). I decided to venture out and looked for some ideas that could also benefit from the higher VIX. In other words, I looked for ways to profit from […]

Why Options Trading Is Not Gambling In My Opinion

When I tell people that options trading is not gambling, some laugh. Especially those who do not understand how options trading work. News only reports someone who lost a large amount of money trading options and nobody talks about someone who makes living on options trading, because it’s boring. In this video, I explained why […]

Options Trading Vlog 10.13.2019 | SPX, VXX

SPX gap down and gap up this week so took advantage of the gaps by opening and closing SPX positions for a quick profit. VIX dropped quite substantially so closed most of VXX and UVXY positions since they reached the 10% profit target. 2019 performance so far https://alphapursuits.com/core-option-trading-strategies/

Options Trading Vlog 9.14.2019 | SPX, VIX Options

Video Notes Continue to work on the SPX gap strategy and setting up positions to wait for the price to go down. Opened Dec 2019 expiration VIX position back in early Aug 2019, now the VIX spot price is much lower around 14 and yet the option price of my position is not going down. […]

What Does It Mean To Be Succesful In Life?

When I was small, my parents used to tell me to study hard, get good grades, and go to good schools. I was raised in a typical Asian family environment by typical Asian mentality parents. Working hard, was the spine of our lives. My parents dreamed of one of their kids to become a doctor. […]