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S&P500 (SPX) And VIX Technical Analysis – 6/26/2022

VIX Indicators The Pentile Rank (PR) of VIX in relation to VVIX, VIX9D, VIX3M, and VIX6M shows the market is still highly hedged despite the large advance on Friday 6/24/2022 (table below). It is interesting to see the PR of VVIX is reaching close to its 52-week low. It reached 91.34 on 6/24/2022 (image below). […]

Will The Market Go Up Or Down? – FOMC Meeting 6.14.2022

As I discussed in my last post “why I started trading VIX options again”, I explained some of the tools that I use to monitor the market. At the time of writing that post (6/4), the market was moving sideways yet the Percentage Rank of VIX3M and VVIX were still above 70%. Since then, it […]

Why I Started Trading VIX Options – Again

It has been a while since my last blog post. If you have been actively following the market, as you know, it hasn’t been easy for many of us in the last several months. I was focusing on trading the Wheel strategy for the last couple of years and came to the realization that it’s […]

Three Big Trading Mistakes I Made In 2021

As you know I love the Wheel Strategy. It’s simple, easy to manage, and most of all surprisingly profitable, especially if you use a margin account. Having said that, just like many other traders, I have tendencies to “try new things”, or feel overconfident and just do self-sabotage stuff out of nowhere. My hope is […]

October 2021 Options Trading Monthly Report

October as it turned out was a very volatile month. The market dropped substantially at the beginning of October then recovered with multiple price gap up days in SPX. While it was a profitable month, I did make the mistake of putting on a hedge position too early after the market started recovering. The hedge […]

September 2021 Options Trading Monthly Report

After experiencing a negative PNL month in August, I decided to switch things up a bit and started hedging for my large margin account. By focusing on reading price action and market sentiment, I was able to get a better feeling of which way the market is likely to go. This has allowed me to […]

August 2021 Options Trading Monthly Report

As I am writing this, the stock market has been a roller coaster ride this week. Largely due to China’s Evergrande news. In fact, China has been applying reforms in so many sectors that some of my holdings took a large hit. Especially Chinese-related gaming, internet, and education-related stocks. Market Sectors of My Positions In […]

July 2021 Options Trading Monthly Report

It seems the market condition has really started to change. S&P 500 continues to move higher while Russell 2000 is moving sideways. The clear divergence between S&P 500 and Russell 2000 indicates people are starting to care more about risks and moving the money away from the small-cap companies. Additionally, the Chinese government started changing […]

Stock Market Sentiment Analysis – Why Care About It?

It’s that time of the year again when stocks typically underperform. The end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. Don’t ask me why but that’s what the data tells us (see graphs below). There are multiple theories as to why this happens every year and as a human, we like to attach a simple […]

June 2021 Options Trading Monthly Report

After a relatively volatile month of May, in June, I decided to scale back and wait for the market to pull back because some indicators were showing potential signs of market weakness. How wrong I was. The market kept going up and I missed some upside opportunities by being on the sideline. Not only that, […]

The Reasons I Closed Down Trading Room Service

Update: October 2021 After I shut down the Trading Room service back in June, I continued to get contacted regarding how I trade the Wheel Strategy and if I am offering a private chat room or any kind of services. I kept turning away such requests for a while but decided to start offering access […]

Options Trading Monthly Report May 2021

The month of May was relatively volatile. The market dipped twice and VIX spiked twice at the beginning of the month largely due to inflation fear. My account was affected significantly as well and saw substantial dips similar to the broader market. Even though I try to diversify, I generally don’t pass over a good […]