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CBAT Wheel Strategy Trades Follow UP Video | 3/25/2021

Published the CBAT Wheel strategy trading idea back in December 2020. Opened $5 strike and $2.5 strike Short Put positions continuously since then. Got assigned once but managed to get out when the stock price recovered. PNL for the trades since December 2020 has been positive. Still have several open positions with April and May […]

AEZS | A Stock For The Wheel Strategy

Why AEZS could be a Good Stock for the Wheel Strategy It raised money ($30 M) recently: Likely won’t run out of money soon or doing another round of equity offering to dilute the equity value. This means the stock price will likely remain stable for a while. Some positive announcements: European partnership, Reestablishing a […]

Options Trading Monthly Report February 2021

February was an emotionally draining month. After the GME, BBBY debacle at the end of January, every time I looked at my trading log, I would get reminded of the incident. I got an audio version of “Get Out of Your Own Way: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior” to find ways to start self-discover why I did […]

TAK | A Stock Idea For The Wheel Strategy

Why TAK could be a Good Stock for the Wheel Strategy Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TAK) is currently hovering around $17. Fundamental analysis shows it is a well-diversified pharmaceutical company with a wide range of drugs. Takeda is also involved in developing a COVID-19 vaccine/treatment. Price around $16, $17 seems to be good support/resistant lines. […]

Options Trading Monthly Report January 2021

“Oops! I did it again”. No, I am not talking about Britney Spear’s song. I am talking about how I sold Call options again and lost money again. This time it was BAD because they were GME and BBBY Call options. I lost most of the profits I made last year. Why do we self-sabotage? […]

Options Trading Monthly Report December 2020

The music stopped (metaphorically speaking). After two months of consecutive 10% return in a single month (10% of the entire account value), a large mistake I made caused the music to stop. It was still a positive PNL month overall but this taught me a good lesson, which will be discussed in more detail. Volatility […]

NAT | January 10, 2021 The Wheel Options Strategy

NAT showed up on my screener because it had a large IV percentile increase recently Fundamental analysis shows it is unlikely to go bankrupt despite the fact that it is close to an all-time low A recent insider purchase Technical analysis shows a potential upside Discussed why I like to focus on selling Put rather […]

LQDA | January 2, 2021 Weekly Options Trading Review

Video Notes The market was volatile on Monday / Tuesday Market internal showed the market volatility was not likely a long term event. LQDA: A good set up to sell the $2.5 strike assuming no significant development for the stock in the next few months.

Electric Vehicles Related Stocks Are Heating Up – AYRO, CAAS, CBAT

No matter which investment-related websites I visit these days, articles and discussions about Tesla and Nio Inc keep coming up. While these two stocks do not show up on my options screeners, I do see a lot of other stocks related to electric vehicles that skyrocketed recently thanks to the electric vehicles boom that’s going […]

CBAT | December 18, 2020, Weekly Options Trading Review

Video Notes The market price was bullish overall. VIX and VIX indicators not showing warning signs, even though a mini spike in VIX happened recently. CBAT: A good set up to sell the $2.5 strike Put Jan 2021 expiration option.

Options Trading Monthly Report November 2020

This is the second month I managed to achieve a more than 10% return in one month by focusing on trading the Wheel Strategy. Ever since I started spending 80% of my energy on the Wheel Strategy (the remaining 20% goes to trading VXX or UVXY), PNL has improved substantially. Prior to start focusing on […]

My Checklist To Start Trading Options Full Time

Have you ever asked yourself “Why do I trade?”. The obvious answer is to make more money, but have you ever asked why we need to make the amount of money we think we need to make? For me personally, at the current stage of my life, the main reason is to support my family. […]