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What VXXB Options Strategy I Am Trading In 2019

Goodbye VXX, hello VXXB. It has been an exciting ride with VXX in the last few years since I discovered how to trade VIX. After writing this post about if VIX would go up or down in December 2018, then VIX spiked up and up all the way to January 2019. This has really opened […]

Will VIX Go Down In December 2018?

“Will VIX go down in December?” This question has been circulating in my head since early November, especially when VIX spiked up to above 20 around November 13th again despite it started heading down south a few days prior. I have open positions for December expiration options shorting VXX and UVXY so my hope is […]

Is Selling VXX PUT A Good Strategy?

Short selling PUT is done when one is expecting the underlining equity would go up. As I mentioned in this blog post, this would be one of the strategies to trade VIX and VIX Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) such as VXX and UVXY. However, considering VIX and VIX ETPs are most of the time in […]

Short Strangle On Options With Longer Days To Expiration

You have probably heard it before. Trading options with 45 days to expiration (DTE) is the sweet spot. This is also what I have been doing since I learned that information from Tastytrade.com and Optionalpha.com. The following slides taken from this Tastytrade.com video further solidifies that claim. The key here is Average P/L per day. […]

SPX Iron Condor Strategy

While doing some research on how to sell Iron Condor in a low volatility environment, I came across to a video that talks about time decay made by Tastytrade. The image below is taken from the video and it shows Theta (time decay) against Days to Expiration (DTE). When it’s 75 DTE, 90% Out of the […]

What I Learned While At A Chuck E. Cheese’s

Ever since a new Chuck E. Cheese showed up near my house, my family has been a regular thanks to all the birthday parties that my kids get invited to at Check E. Cheese. If you happen to be a parent, you probably know at any Chuck E. Cheese locations,  or any other similar arcade places […]