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How To Trade VXX (and UVXY) Options?

When it comes to trading VXX options, it is important to understand the nature of this exchange-traded note (ETN). By design, VXX price is going to depreciate over time. Generally speaking, I mainly trade VXX options in the direction of price decay and do not buy VXX Call in anticipation of its price going up. […]

Options Trading Monthly Report October 2020

Is it possible to make a 100% return a year with options trading? I am sure many of us have asked this question. One year ago, I would have said “Possible but unlikely”. Today, my answer is “It is possible with the Wheel Strategy“. October was a really exciting month because not only the PNL […]

How To Screen Best Stocks For The Wheel Strategy?

When it comes to trading the Wheel strategy, I think there are largely two schools of thought. One is to profit primarily from focusing on selling Covered Call by finding stocks that have a high potential to continue to increase in price. The other is to profit from selling premium by focusing on selling Cash […]

Options Trading Ideas – BCLI

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics has an upcoming top-line data readout for the NurOwn® Phase 3 trial in ALS, expected by the end of November. The implied volatility (IV) is extremely high right now for December expiration options (image below). $5 strike could potentially get $2 which is equivalent to more than 30% return in two months […]

How To Find Stocks For The Wheel Options Trading Strategy?

One of the common misconceptions that I see when it comes to finding stocks for executing the Wheel options trading strategy is “I want to own the stock”. People who jump into the Wheel strategy with this thinking will likely get low ROI (Return of Investment) unless they are really good at fundamental analysis or […]

What Is The Wheel Strategy And Why I Love It?

When it comes to trading styles and strategies, they can be grouped in so many different ways. Day trading, Swing trading, Momentum trading, Scalping, etc. To me, all of these types of trading sound hectic. They all require active monitoring of stock price, stock movement, stock news, etc etc etc. I have personally tried a […]

Options Trading Monthly Report September 2020

I am very excited to share the results of my September trades, which mostly consist of the Wheel strategy. After a few months of a steady increase in PNL,  September was the biggest of them all so far. It more than doubled from August! Part of the reason it was such a huge jump is […]

Options Trading Monthly Report August 2020

Who knew a simple trading strategy could be this profitable. I wish I could travel through time going back 5 or 10 years ago and tell myself “don’t waste your time trying to learn all the fancy options trading strategies”. One of the reasons that I kept trying and learning new options strategies was because […]

Options Trading Monthly Report July 2020

I must admit this has turned out to be a really positive exercise for my trading. When I decided to start recording my trades and share them as monthly reports back in March, I thought it would likely end up either like a few years ago when I tested out Tasty Trade style of options […]

Options Trading Monthly Report June 2020

As I mentioned in the last month’s report, I had some open Straddle, Vertical positions that I was pretty sure would be losers. Those positions were closed in June and really dragged down the overall PNL. On the bright side, shorting Single Put strategy has been consistent for the most part. One mistake I made […]

Options Trading Monthly Report May 2020

It’s time to report my options trading for May 2020. May 2020 was a pretty exciting month overall. Even though I finished the month with a positive PNL, there are a few open positions that are deeply negative. I opened some straddle options that I don’t normally do expecting the market to stay put for […]

Options Trading Monthly Report April 2020

I know this is a cliche and probably a lot of people are already doing this but I have decided to share my monthly options trading results for a year. I am hoping that this will make me a more disciplined trader now that the public can see and critic what I am doing. I […]