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PNL Report For 2016 Tradings

I got back into options trading in May 2016, so the data presented here are only about 6 months worth of trading data. I started off with Iron Condor trades but it was not easy to find trades with a good risk to return ratio. Obviously this was a new concept for me so I […]

Can I Sell Iron Condor In A Low Volatility Environment?

I know there are people out there manage to make consistent 20% by just simply selling major indexes such as SPX and/or SPY continuously. One question I had was about Implied Volatility. Would such trades still work even in the low IV environment? Logically, it should right? Otherwise these people who are doing it wouldn’t […]

FB DBL DIAG Sell135/buy145 Call, Buy130/sell125 Put 21 APR 17

Trade Overview : Company: Facebook (FB) Strategy: Double Diagonal to Short Reason for entry When the trade was placed, the price was around $133.50. Weekly chart is showing up-trend but daily chart is showing weakness. Setting up a Double diagonal to catch a quick profit trade. Some cushion is incorporated so even if the stock goes up […]

How Did I Get To Minus $100K?

“How did I get here? Why?” This was the question that went through my mind when I compiled the Profit/Loss of my trading record over the last 10 years. Negative $100K. It all started in 2006, when I started attending a business school part time. I wanted to get an MBA under my belt and […]