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8.25.2017 Update – Short Strangle On Options With Longer Days To Expiration

It has been almost 2 months since I started testing to sell strangle with longer days to expiration options. Now that I have some data, I decided to do a correlation study to see if my hypothesis was correct. In case this is the first time you are reading this blog, here is the blog […]

Short Strangle – Trading Journal 8.9.2017

Video Notes: https://www.optionsplaybook.com/options-introduction/option-greeks/

Short Strangle On Options With Longer Days To Expiration

You have probably heard it before. Trading options with 45 days to expiration (DTE) is the sweet spot. This is also what I have been doing since I learned that information from Tastytrade.com and Optionalpha.com. The following slides taken from this Tastytrade.com video further solidifies that claim. The key here is Average P/L per day. […]

SPX Iron Condor Strategy

While doing some research on how to sell Iron Condor in a low volatility environment, I came across to a video that talks about time decay made by Tastytrade. The image below is taken from the video and it shows Theta (time decay) against Days to Expiration (DTE). When it’s 75 DTE, 90% Out of the […]

60% Winning Is Good For Options Trading, When Done Right!

It has been a one wild ride since the beginning of this year. After a more than 20% return last year, my account has been down about 20% this year. This was largely due to the low volatility strategy that I thought I mastered, yet apparently I did not. As I mentioned previously, Trade Apgar […]

What I Learned While At A Chuck E. Cheese’s

Ever since a new Chuck E. Cheese showed up near my house, my family has been a regular thanks to all the birthday parties that my kids get invited to at the Check E. Cheese. If you happen to be a parent, you probably know at any Chuck E. Cheese locations,  or any other similar arcade […]

PNL Report For 2016 Tradings

I got back into options trading in May 2016, so the data presented here are only about 6 months worth of trading data. I started off with Iron Condor trades but it was not easy to find trades with a good risk to return ratio. Obviously this was a new concept for me so I […]

Can I Sell Iron Condor In A Low Volatility Environment?

I know there are people out there manage to make consistent 20% by just simply selling major indexes such as SPX and/or SPY continuously. One question I had was about Implied Volatility. Would such trades still work even in the low IV environment? Logically, it should right? Otherwise these people who are doing it wouldn’t […]

Does Trade Apgar Work? – 2016 Directional Option Trade Data

Ever since I came across to Trade Apgar in early 2017, I wanted to know if this method would actually work for the type of option trades that I do. Fortunately, I already had some directional trades done in 2016 (Double Diagonal / Diagonal trades) so I used the “Ondemand” feature in Thinkorswim to analyse what I did. […]

V DBL DIAG Sell80/buy82.5 Call, Buy80/sell72.5 Put 16 DEC 16

Trade Overview : Company: VISA(V) Strategy: Double Diagonal to Short Reason for entry I did not have Trade Apgar test in my tool box so this trade was essentially a gut feeling trade. Winning ratio was about 50% but good return to risk ratio. Also the chart showing divergent that the money flow is declining […]

FB DBL DIAG Sell135/buy145 Call, Buy130/sell125 Put 21 APR 17

Trade Overview : Company: Facebook (FB) Strategy: Double Diagonal to Short Reason for entry When the trade was placed, the price was around $133.50. Weekly chart is showing up-trend but daily chart is showing weakness. Setting up a Double diagonal to catch a quick profit trade. Some cushion is incorporated so even if the stock goes up […]

My Trading Journey Thus Far, 2017

“How did I get here? Why?” This was the question that went through my mind when I compiled the Profit/Loss of my trading record over the last 10 years. Negative $100K. It all started in 2006 when I started attending a business school part-time. I wanted to get an MBA under my belt and as […]