SPX ta 11.5.2022

Thanks, FOMC Meeting. Here We Go Again – VIX & SPX Review 11/5/2022

Thanks to the FOMC meeting this week, S&P 500 started declining…
SPX ta 10.23.2022

The Market Bottom, For Now – VIX & SPX Review 10/23/2022

The market started moving sideways this week, penetrating…
SPX TA 10.16.2022

Wow, CPI Data Wild Ride! – VIX & SPX Review 10/16/2022

CPI data released on Thursday caused a huge swing down then up…
spx ta 10.7.2022

Market Near Prior Low, Feels Like Deja Vu – VIX & SPX Review 10/7/2022

The market ended lower just like last Friday indeed makes it…
monthly report

September 2022 – Trade With 50K Challenge

In case you missed it last month, this is the second monthly…
spx ta 10.2.2022

Are We Going Lower? VIX9D Says Unlikely – VIX & SPX Review 10/2/2022

The market consolidated near the June low for a few days then…
spx ta 9.24.2022

Almost Hit The Bottom Again, Now What? – VIX & SPX Review 9/24/2022

The FOMC meeting on Wednesday sent the market tumbling. It kept…
TCDA 9.22.2022

Tricida, Inc. (TCDA) | Options Trade Idea

Tricida, Inc. (TCDA) Overview Tricida, Inc. (TCDA) focuses…
spx 9.18.2022

Hot Inflation, Recession Is Coming – VIX & SPX Review 9/18/2022

CPI data released this week caused a massive drop in the stock…
monthly report

August 2022 – Trade With 50K Challenge

I decided to start the monthly report again as a part of the…
SPX ta 9.10.2022

Here We Go, The Market Is Up – VIX & SPX Review 9/10/2022

The market this week made no sense from a fundamental standpoint. Federal…
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Are We There Yet? Did The Market Hit Bottom? – VIX & SPX Review 9/4/2022

The market continued its decline and paused in late Thursday…