Thoughts of an Options Trader


The Reasons I Closed Down Trading Room Service

As some of you might have noticed that I decided to close down…
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My Checklist To Start Trading Options Full Time

Have you ever asked yourself "Why do I trade?". The obvious answer…

Why Options Trading Is Not Gambling In My Opinion

When I tell people that options trading is not gambling,…

What Does It Mean To Be Succesful In Life?

When I was small, my parents used to tell me to study hard,…

Will VIX Go Down in December 2018?

"Will VIX go down in December?" This question has been circulating…
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60% winning is good for options trading, when done right!

It has been one wild ride since the beginning of this year.…

What I Learned While At A Chuck E. Cheese's

Ever since a new Chuck E. Cheese showed up near my house, my…

Can I Sell Iron Condor in a Low Volatility Environment?

I know there are people out there manage to make consistent 20%…

Does Trade Apgar Work? - 2016 Directional Option Trade Data

Ever since I came across to Trade Apgar in early 2017, I wanted…

My Trading Journey Thus Far, 2017

"How did I get here? Why?" This was the question that went…