2019 Performance

NOTE: Time = When the position was opened. Each postion could consist of multiple entries.

My Core Options Trading Strategy

My core strategy is to act like an insurance company by selling premiums. This allows me to create high probability setups and not worry too much about being wrong. My trading style does have directional and speculation components to it, but the underlining strategy is to be mathematical and mechanical.

Since we cannot tell which way the underlying security would move in most of the time (we could try using technique such as Trade Apgar Test) I realized it would be more consistent to set up trades with winning probability of 70% and higher, disregard to the directional bias.

In addition to the probability setup, I do not trade for the sake of trading. I only trade when the setup is right. Use the baseball analogy, I do not try to swing every ball that is thrown at me. I only swing when I know I can hit it far and hopefully a homerun.

VIX Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)

Primarily trading VXX (VXXB) and UVXY options. Also trade VIX options but because it’s based on the underlining VIX futures, it is more complicated to trade.