What I Learned While At A Chuck E. Cheese’s

Ever since a new Chuck E. Cheese showed up near my house, my family has been a regular thanks to all the birthday parties that my kids get invited to at Check E. Cheese.

If you happen to be a parent, you probably know at any Chuck E. Cheese locations,  or any other similar arcade places for that matter, they have two types of games. Ones that you can earn tickets and exchanged them to toys, or games that simply just made to entertain you.

While spending hours with my kids one recent afternoon thanks to a birthday party invite from one of my son’s friends, I came to realize an interesting phenomenon.

Some of the kids seem to be playing games just because they could get a lot of tickets to exchange for toys, and not necessarily enjoying the games that they are actually playing. In fact, they pick some games that are just so boring essentially just like a slot machine. You put a coin in and hope for the best. There are some sounds and visuals to entertain you, but at the end of the day it’s purely designed to suck up your credits that their parents paid for.

Then it hit me. Am I trading options just so I can make money? or am I actually enjoying the process?

As I analyse more and more of my recent trades, I came to realize that the ability to know how to make good trades is more important than how much I earned in each trade. I have been chasing after money all these time. That should not be my primary focus.

I love analysing trades and looking at all the numbers. The amount of money I make from these trades are just scores. It gives an indication on how well I am trading, nothing more.

What I need to focus on is how well I am trading and how are my strategies being executed. Enjoy to play the game, don’t play the game for the tickets.

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